Quality is our first concern

                  Commitment to total customer satisfaction
                  Sincerity and honesty to our customer
                  Commitment to creation and innovation
                  Energy and resource saving, reduction of industrial waste.
                  Healthy and safe working environment for employees.
                  Observance of government environment regulations.
                  Provide training to enhance employees consciousness of environmental protection.



                  Glocom Group works closely with the factories that produce our PCBs. We believe that

                  working in partnership is crucial to achieve high quality and sustainable products. All the

                  factories we use for PCB production have been through our sourcing process where a

                  potential factory is assessed from a quality and environmental perspective.


                  In addition the factory has to be certified to ISO 9001 (quality management system) and

                  ISO 14001 (environmental management system), provide documentation regarding conflict

                  minerals according to American legislation (Dodd-Frank Act), follow EU legislation regarding

                  raw material content (RoHS and REACH) and comply with local regulations regarding water

                  quality, emissions to water and waste handling. In addition, they have to sign our Code of Conduct.