GLOCOM: Shaping Tomorrow's PCB Edge
   Established in 2000, GLOCOM leads the PCB industry,        
   offering advanced manufacturing capabilities in Taiwan
   and China. We excel in producing high-quality, hight-end 
   PCBs crucial for telecom, including 5G networks and    
   sophisticated automotive systems.Our use of specialized    
   materials such as Isola and Rogers, combined with our 
   expertise in HDI technology, ensure our multi-layer PCBs      
   are essential soluctions that propel the electronics       
   industry in Europe and United States.


  Elevate Beyond Boundaries with GLOCOM's PCB Solutions
   GLOCOM's aggressive expansion strategy, bold pricing, and 
   cutting-edge product development are designed to dominate
   the PCB market. Our unwavering commitment to researcg   
   and development in PCB technology establishes us as industry    
   leaders adept atnavigating tomorrow's electronics challenges.   
   Choosing GLOCOM means partnering with a visionary force  
   poised to redefine industry standards and surpass expections,  
   ensuring our clients are always at the forefront of innovation. 

 【GLOCOM: Your PCB Excellence Partner
   GLOCOM champions a customer-centric approach, 
   establishing enduring connections through unmatched  
   service and product excellence. Our version positions
   us as the premier partner for cutting-edge PCB  
   technology, leading and shaping industry trends to 
   ensure our clients outpace the competition. 
   advantage, thanks to our dedication to your success
   and our drive to deliver transformative solutions that  
   push electronic innovation forward.